Sunday, September 07, 2008

Just leave it alone

I know I've posted on this before, but I'm just exasperated following the Belgian F1 Grand Prix and the decision to change the result after the race after the presentation, after the press conference. I don't care who benefited or who lost out or why they think they needed to do it - I just cry in the name of all armchair sports fans (that's billions of us by the way): LEAVE THE RESULTS ALONE AFTER THE EVENT HAS FINISHED. It's like sportus interruptus - how can we enjoy the moment of triumph, the celebration the release of tension at the end of an epic battle if a faceless beaurocrat can simply cross it out with red biro at any time they feel like? It's the equivalent of airbrushing history - you can't have seen this happen because we say it didn't count. Who are these people serving? What is the purpose of sport if it is not to provide the build up, the combat and the aftermath, be it triumph or defeat? If they are going to take that away from us then we, the billions wan't our money back. We are not going to take it. We won't get fooled again. I think we should stand up for our right to have the events that we have witnissed upheld unaltered. Don't return your medals, don't accept new ones - you know you won or lost, came second or third, you know who was ahead and behind at the tape and at the checkered flag. It's recorded for all time from every angle by every camera and every timing device. Don't give in to Big Brother when he tells you to erase what happened and replace it with a meaningless flavourless substitute.