Friday, October 23, 2009

saved by the future

Having read the theory that the Large Hadron Collider is sabotaging itself from the future to protect the universe made me realise that the same is probably true for each of us individually.

Effectively we all have possible pasts and possible futures but we are only aware of one now. Our possible pasts are mainly very similar so that our memories seem consistent most of the time. As an aside, there have been occasions where my memory is definitely at odds with the past as reported to me: there was a person whose appearance totally altered between the first time I saw him and all subsequent times without any explanation, some facts that I knew became false at some later date etc. The point is that we are alive in the present: therefore however dangerous our pasts seem, they weren't fatal. But of course they were, as well, it's just that the ones that killed us have created other nows where we aren't around to regret it. So if there is a possibility of surviving something then as far as we are aware, we will survive.

Of course this only works from within our own consciousness: other people can and do die all the time. They also have miraculous escapes as well - in some alternative past the ones that died didn't and the ones that survived died. So if I get a gun and play Russian Roulette I can guarantee that I will survive - from my point of view. Sadly, for you, I may easily die so you will never know if my theory is correct or not.

Of course I'm not entirely sure and so am not going to put this to the test.


Blogger Davros said...

I really like your blogs. I haven't read all of them yet, and I can't really empathise with kids-stuff as I don't have any ... but sometimes I instantly like people (or the way I imagine them) from what they write ... and anyway - while I don't need or cope with lots of communication with people, I do like to infrequently talk to people I like - especially if I feel I have a similar outlook etc. Well - I like diverse outlooks ... but finding anyone who seems to me to have a similar outlook to me is so rare that I feel I must make an effort to say hello.

After I was diagnosed with AS in Dec. 2008 I thought maybe all people on the spectrum must be like me in part - though actually I have come to realise everybody is so different in outlook and personality that any such preconceptualisation to be foolish at best!

There's a bit about me on

helloooo. :)

nb: Giraffes. Educated by QI, I have been given to understand long necks are actually for fighting with - not necessarily for defeating drought conditions.

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