Tuesday, December 21, 2010


We had a parcel with Xmas presents in that we were expecting. It was late because the sender had sent it from Ireland with only the correct postage for inland UK and so it had been forwarded by the Post Office in Ireland after a delay. It had various smaller packages inside which were presents for the kids and us. It was from Gordon Brown, which was not a surprise but I was quite proud that he had sent us presents even if he hadn't put the correct stamps on them.



Blogger gemmazoey said...

heeheehee. i want to know what Gordon Brown sent you...

5:46 PM  
Blogger Deb and Nige Xmas Lists said...

I agree with heehee! My dream the other night gave us hysterics when retailed - these little tiny people, playmobil sized but alive, had been captured from their natural habitat and put in captivity. We were trying to free them - they live in water and are very hard to catch, we only managed to get the one in a wheelchair, by putting a bowl over her and scooping, and freed her and gave her milk to eat - this is what they eat, just poured on the ground. [yes that is totally impossible under water...!]

3:56 AM  

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