Saturday, December 17, 2011

singularity 2011

To quote Ripley: I hope you’re right; I really do.

It is not that I don’t believe that we are on an increasing gradient of technological development: the two things that worry me are its fragility due to short sighted political dogmatism and the gross inequality of access.

I suspect that yes, “we” will have lots of the things in your article but who the “we” will be and who will be making that decision is the big issue for the first half of the 21st Century.

To put it another way, if one person can replace their organs when they pack up while another is dying of diseases that have been curable for decades we really haven’t hit anything I would accept as a singularity.

We don’t like the idea of technology that shapes our own attitudes and behaviour and that may be the make or break on our future as a species.


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